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This report analyses how each of the party’s agendas address mental health and wellbeing regarding: Communities, Children and Young People, Housing and Homelessness, Multi Morbidities and Work (page references for each party manifesto are included).

This report describes the findings from survey work conducted with approximately 1,500 women and 2,000 health professionals on the topic of perinatal mental health. The aspects of illness that impact women’s access of care, what women find helpful and relationships with health professionals are discussed. It further reviews the work of professionals and makes recommendations for the improved support of women.

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Specialist Mental Health Midwives have a crucial role in effective perinatal mental health care. However, there are currently many maternity services without this important position, and where Specialist Mental Health Midwives do exist there are differences in their role, skills and experience. This document aims to help address this gap, by explaining why Specialist Mental Health Midwives are needed, and what they do. It is intended as a resource for maternity managers and commissioners looking to introduce or strengthen the Specialist Mental Health Midwife role in their local service.

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Learn more about mental illness such as anxiety and depression which can develop anytime from conception through the first year of your baby's birth.


This report shows that we can, and we must, do more to prevent the harm caused by perinatal mental illness in England today. It has shown the changes that are needed across the system to ensure that women with perinatal mental illnesses and their families get the right care, and it has shone a spotlight on the current gaps in services in England. It has included clear data on these gaps in services, but has also tried to bring to life what these problems actually mean for women themselves, and their lifelong impact on families.

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