According to the Journal of Midwifery and Women's Health, a study in Taiwan aimed to discover if drinking rose tea on a regular basis could reduce the occurence and severity of menstrual cramping. A scientific study of 130 women discovered that taking rose tea not only reduced cramping during periods but also noted a marked decrease in distress and anxiety. 

Benefits of rose tea

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After reading this study, I decided to see if drinking rose tea would help with my own hormonal imbalance and severe anxiety that I had been suffering from since giving birth to my daughter in 2012. I was sceptical at first but off I went to purchase the rose petal tea and a little teapot to brew it in. 

The first night I had two cups before bed (only because my teapot held two cups and I didn't want to waste any!). Having suffered with insomnia most of my life, and with it being at its worst when I began the experiment, I was astonished to have fallen asleep almost immediately after getting into bed. The next day I was less anxious than I had been though I chalked that up to the good night's sleep. 

I continued taking the tea every day and after about two weeks I noticed that my anxiety levels were much lower and my sleep was greatly improved. The tea is also high in Vitamin C which I am sure is the reason I didn't catch the dreaded cold that the rest of my family had over that fortnight. Result!

When my period returned, I did notice that if I took the tea every day for the two weeks prior, my mood swings weren't as severe, the cramping was more manageable and I wasn't as restless. The only downside to the tea was that I woke up feeling groggy the next day though that is probably just me not being used to so much sleep. 

Rose tea is now must have item in my cupboard and its the first thing I reach for when I'm feeling anxious, can't sleep or if I'm going through PMS. I would highly recommend anyone to give it a try.

How To Make Rose Tea

- Boil the kettle then leave to cool for a few minutes. Using boiling water can destroy some of the benefits of the rose petals.

- Put a teaspoon of dried rose petals, rosehips or buds into your teapot or cup and add the water

- Leave to sit for ten minutes, remove the rose petals and drink

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