PANGS NI started off as a peer to peer support group which runs online through a closed Facebook group. 

The group has over 300 members who all have experience of a perinatal mental illness such as antenatal/postnatal depression, anxiety, PTSD, birth trauma, psychosis and OCD.

You can request to join this group if your intention is to seek and/or give support on any of these topics. Due to the sensitive nature of the group, we screen members and ask every to read our group policy (see below). It is a friendly and safe space to talk about what you are going through and is a great source of comfort hearing from people going through a similar experience. Click on the Button below to request to join.


Nothing on this site constitutes or replaces medical advice. The posts on this page are the opinions of the individual posters.

This group is a place for SUPPORT and for INFORMATION for those who have been through, or are currently going through a maternal mental illness.

Members of the group will be at different stages of the healing process so please bear this in mind when posting as sometimes messages can be taken the wrong way and cause upset. This is not to say that feelings and opinions can not be discussed here, but please note that any posts that appear to be upsetting and causing heated discussion will be removed. This also includes being sensitive when posting any images on the group.

Advertising in this group will be removed immediately and the poster will be banned from the group, e.g spam adverts for trainers for sale. Business adverts are not allowed in the group.

Although this is a closed group, there is no way for admins to know who people are when they request to join. Please bear this in mind when sharing very personal information within the group.

No shared accounts will be allowed access. Members must have their own individual account in order to protect the privacy and security of all members.

Any member of the group found to be sharing personal information posted on this page will be removed and blocked permanently from the group. This group works on a basis of mutual trust and respect, and given the level of highly sensitive personal information posted here, it is imperative that all members comply with this rule.



It is the responsibility of this group to keep its members safe and when we see posts that lead us to beileve that the poster may be at risk of harming themselves or others, admins will need to take action. This will be done by contacting PANDAS to seek professional advice surrounding any post that leads us to this belief, who will advise us on what to do. If the post suggests harm, admins will in the first instance try to contact the poster to ascertain if the threat is genuine. Failing this, or if admins aren't satisfied that the group member is safe, the police/emergency services may be contacted to intervene. Bear in mind that we want you to be honest and feel safe posting here, but we also need to make sure you are safe yourself. Any intervention will be done in the best interests of the poster and only admins may do this. Group members are asked to contact admin with any concerns and not to contact emergency services themselves. If you do post something that leads to this kind of situation, please make yourself or a family member available to speak to an admin so that we can guarantee your safety, hopefully without resorting to contacting an external body. Your safety and wellbeing is our utmost concern and we are all here to support you. Any questions, please PM an admin.

Finally, please report anything that is found to be upsetting or abusive to one of the admins. The admins are all volunteers with jobs and young families so can not monitor the board 24/7. There will be times when things do get missed, especially when we have times differences as we are UK based and have members from around the world. 


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