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Since antiquity, humans have appreciated music's uplifting effects. Seventeenth century poet William Congreve alluded to its powers when he penned the much-quoted line "Music has charms to soothe a savage breast." Doctors are increasingly interested in the ability of music -- particularly singing -- to allay depression. Stephen Clift, director of the Sidney De Haan Research Centre at Canterbury Christ Church University in Kent, United Kingdom, says that singing offers dramatic benefits. "Singing together helps people with mental health issues feel happier, better connected with others and more supported," Clift asserts.

PANGS NI is so happy and proud to have received this beautiful card from a young boy after a conversation with his mum about who she was chatting to online. When she told him she was talking to other mums like her he asked to make this card. What a kind and empathetic young man he is.

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